sketchbook thing from february

I FINISHED THESE SO I’LL GO AHEAD AND POST THEM IN PAIRS OF PAIRS I GUESS… next up will probably be tanaka/nishinoya & tsukishima/yamaguchi!



Alternate titles for the Persona series:

  • The Police are Useless
  • Main Characters Are Defined by How Much They Don’t Follow School Dress Codes
  • Let’s Talk About Murder!
  • Saving Innocent Lives Can Wait; Have You Studied For Midterms?
  • All It Takes to Solve Life Problems is Someone Who Doesn’t Talk Much
  • Holy Shit, I Have A WHAT Inside Me?!
  • I Art Thou, and Thou Art Life Therapist

i think i drew this like two months ago but i still think it’s cute. tiz is still very very cute and the salve maker’s outfit is Just As Cute when not being worn by qada

chikara is my lifeblood

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Otherwise here, have a sticker set that I should have all printed out by A-kon!

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video killed the radio star // the buggles

in my mind and in my car
we can’t rewind, we’ve gone too far
pictures came and broke your heart
put the blame on vtr

selfie w fred for tess

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hello hq tag yes hello sorry to intrude but if u are sad & upset over the treatment of female characters in the anime (& if u aren’t u fucking should be) please please please read the manga where the male gaze is negligible & the narrative treats the ladies as human beings & with actual fucking respect ok bye

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'are you done drawing chikara yet'

no, never

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in case any of u were confused as to how i feel about ennoshita chikara

frick i keep burning my mouth on hot chocolate bird(s) on the wire